Learn how to perform minimally-invasive tooth extractions on single and double-rooted teeth, allowing you to immediately place an implant!

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Learn how to perform minimally-invasive tooth extractions on single and double-rooted teeth, allowing you to immediately place an implant !

This patented system eliminates all rotary and pulling movements, post-traumatic swelling, and need for bone restoration.


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Dr. Eric Weiss, DMD
Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology
Fellow of the American College of Dentists

Fellow of The International Team for Implantology

Attending periodontist in the Department of Dentistry, Division of Periodontics at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Clinical Assistant Professor at The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

Clinical Assistant Professor at The University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

"I have been using the Easy X-Trac System for several years, and have been extraordinarily pleased with this ingenious system.

Our goal at Periodontal & Implant Associates is to  always minimize trauma during extractions. This is especially critical when managing the delicate adjacent soft tissue and thin bone often associated with anterior teeth.
Minimally traumatic tooth removal is the the absolute key to achieving a spectacular esthetic result with anterior implants, because once the soft tissue (papillae or facial gingival marginal tissue) has been injured it is often quite difficult or impossible to adequately regain that structure or shape. The use of elevators and forceps is obviated when this system is employed.

Biomimetic implant dentistry is a necessity  -  patients expect  to  have an implant restoration that is  identical to their other teeth.   It’s a elegant method to easily remove anterior teeth. I highly recommend it!."

Dr. Eric Weiss  has been practicing periodontics and implant dentistry since 1992. He received both his D.M.D. and B.A. in biology from the University of Pennsylvania, and completed a residency in periodontics at Temple University. Additionally, He is a past president of the Hudson County Dental Society. Dr. Weiss lectures extensively on many topics related to periodontics and implant dentistry.

Learn more about the Easy X-TRAC System and why it was invented!

✔️ Perform a minimally-invasive extraction

✔️ Minimize all rotary and pulling movements.

✔️ Greatly reduce post traumatic swelling.

✔️ Eliminate the need for bone restoration.

✔️ Immediately place an implant.

About the Inventors: The Easy X-TRAC® System was originally developed by Dr. Hans-Peter Hornig and Dr. Thomas Offerman.

The Challenge was to develop a new extraction technique for single and double-rooted teeth as a pre-implant procedure.  In most cases, an immediate or even delayed implantation without bone restoration was not possible. To reduce the risk of damage to the surrounding tissue, an "atraumatic" tooth extraction technique would be required.

The Solution they developed, paid particular attention to the protection of all adjacent hard and soft tissue (eg. the buccal lamella in the maxilla). It became a PATENTED method for extracting single and double-rooted teeth, named the Easy X-TRAC® System. It consists of 3 different sized drills and 3 different sized sets of extraction screws, along with a specially-designed extractor and protection plates, to lift the tooth out of the socket without any rotary or tilting movement.

The Results during their 3-year trial period proved they were able to preserve the hard and soft tissue, leading to successful and immediate implant placement. This new extraction procedure only required a vertical motion to pull the tooth and safely dispersed the pressure of the extraction process on to adjacent teeth.

The Advantages:
1.  Avoiding the widening the alveolus and minimizing the risk of damage to adjacent bone structures.
2.  This new system eliminated the use of root elevators, forceps and even periotomes.  All rotary movements to pull the teeth were eliminated. 3.  An additional advantage for both the Surgeon and and Patient was saving 5-7 months by avoiding bone restoration and being able to perform immediate implantation after extraction.

Limitations of the Easy X-TRAC® System are molars without a prior section, severely curved roots, and teeth with extensive ankylosis.

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